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Bull Elk in Velvet by kkart

Another lovely picture, and it is very obvious you know what you are doing. I have to say this one was a little harder to rate than most pictures because of many things. The vision of the subject is more than clear, so i have to give you a five on that, the originality is not terrible, but I have seen some picutres like it in Hunting magazines and such, though this one does defy those by not having the bull looking scared or directly at the camera. I have no clue how you got this good of a shot on a wild animal, so you get a five on technique. I am just baffled at the lack of blur and fine details. As for the impact, i would think you could possibly add a little more detail to the backgrounds through a touch up or perhaps add to the foreground. The rock in the bottom right corner seems to be missing something, and i apologize for not being able to tell you exactly what it needs.

Overall, the picture is of superb quality and I look forward to seeing more works of yours and others.
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